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A smile is the spark that ignites every great customer experience. It is as powerful as it is contagious. It is the universal acknowledgement of connection, approval, pleasure and contentment.

Piatto is managed and operated by Alfa Co., a branch of the Al Faisaliah Group Holding Co., Ltd. A two-time winner of the “Best Restaurant in KSA” Award at the Saudi Excellence in Tourism Awards, Piatto operates in major cities throughout the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

We are on a never-ending journey of change.

Piatto’s standards of innovation, a great return on value, a highly hospitable and efficient service team, and our steadfast commitment to authenticity, food quality and taste have brought us to a path of continuous reinvention. Our menu has delightfully evolved to include generous servings of fresh new dishes and a wide array of popular recipes to reflect the Italian attitude to gastronomy of “doing things right,” and stay true to the most cherished Italian tradition of getting together and sharing among family and friends.

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Not lost in our journey of transformation is our sense of adventure, a commitment to take our guests through an exhilarating new experience each time they visit Piatto restaurants, whose number in the Kingdom’s Central, Western and Eastern regions has continually grown. Taking a page from what we’ve come to call “the great Piatto adventure storybook,” we have constructed 7 engaging new “Chapters” or experience stations that showcasing different themes that take our guests right to the vibrance of colorful Italy. Unique and interactive at times, each chapter offers an unforgettable experience that is sure to stay with our guests long after their meals.

Now isn’t that something
to smile about?

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