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PIATTO CAFE is Inspired by Italy’s beloved pasticcerias

Piatto Café was created to cater to guests who are passionate about their coffee, particularly authentic Italian coffee.


Powered by Bologna’s renowned Attibassi brand, a name synonymous to world-class quality coffee, Piatto Café greatly benefits from our Italian partner’s history of passion, experience, expertise and cutting-edge production for over a century, giving our offerings a perfect balance between tradition and innovation. Our cheerful baristas were expertly trained by the Attibassi Espresso School while our artisanal coffee bean blends and beverage ingredients are supplied direct from Attibassi’s facilities in Bologna, Italy.

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Our Famous Coffee Selection

Other than our coffee, we also take pride from our wide variety of refreshing beverages found in our Piatto Café Menu. From Italian classic espresso blends to specialty iced drinks, you can immediately taste the perfect synergy between two brands that are passionate about giving customers a wholesome coffee experience.

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